Red brown Ermes rice flour 500g - Gluten Free


Red brown Ermes rice flour 500g - Gluten Free

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    Name ProductRed brown Ermes rice flour
    Net weight:(17,64 oz) 500g
    It contains gluten?NO
    More about glutenNO. 1) the product is naturally gluten free 2) The factory transforms and manufactures only rice.
    Is it whole?YES
    Best before:10-11 months approximately (the exact date is printed on the packaging)
    Recommended for:Cakes and desserts, Bread Pizza, Appetizers
    IngredientsRed brown Ermes rice flour 100%
    Nutrition information per 100gEnergy: 1311 kJ / 310 kcal; Fat: 2g of which saturated fat: 0,3g: Carbohydrates: 63g of which Sugars: 0,8g; Protein: 7,7g; Salt: 0,06g

    Red brown Ermes rice flour 500g - Gluten Free

    Uses: This flour, obtained by the grinding of the Red brown Ermes Rice, preserves all the characteristics of this rice: the rose color of the flour is given by the black coloring contained in the outer integral part of the grain, while other more important feature is the ' unmistakable aroma of rice Ermes that you can "donate" to your cake or your cookies.

    to be recommended for: biscuits and cakes by the taste and unmistakable aroma.

    Date of minimum durability - Shelf life: 12 months

    Storage: The product is moisture and heat, should be stored at temperatures below 25 ° C, in dry room (relative humidity = 30%) and ventilated. Avoid direct exposure to very bright light sources.

    Packaging Description: every single unit and packed in cellophane bag.

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