Polenta Maiz Flour - 1kg


Polenta Maiz Flour - 1kg 

made with stone mill

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    Name ProductPolenta Maiz flour
    Net weight:(35,27 oz) 1kg
    It contains gluten?Maybe
    More about glutenThe product may contain traces of gluten, as packaged in external laboratory that also uses ingredients containing gluten.
    Is it whole?YES
    Best before:10 months
    Cooking time45 minutes
    Allergens:Maybe contains gluten
    IngredientsMaiz flour

    Polenta Maiz Flour - 1kg

    The grinding mill with stone gives the flour a very particular grain, preserving totally germ. This type of grinding makes it more flavorful, tasty on the palate, in fact unique. Furthermore stone milling allows a slow processing without overheating the product, leaving the flour all the nutritional and organoleptic properties of the corn itself. The same variety of corn, appropriately selected for this type of grinding, help to make this product qualitatively superior, making it as close as possible to polenta that only the elderly remember. The product due to its peculiarity has a shorter deadline.

    Uses: polenta than once

    Preparation: Bring about 4 lt of boiling water, melt a tablespoon of salt, remove from heat the pan, pour the flour and stir with a whisk. Put the pot on the heat to low, stir well, put the lid, stir well after 2-3 minutes and repeat the operation every 10 minutes. Allow to cook for at least 45 minutes minimum. This polenta does not overcook.

    Date of minimum durability - Shelf life: 6 months

    Storage: The product is moisture and heat, should be stored at temperatures below 25 ° C, in dry room (relative humidity = 30%) and ventilated. Avoid direct exposure to very bright light sources.

    Packaging Description: every single unit and packed in cellophane bag.

    cooking information: time 45 -60 minutes.

    It is ground in a mill where they are also ground cereals containing gluten, so even if it is true that corn does not naturally contains, the product may contain minute traces of previous processes.

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  • Ottima, buonissima, peccato averne acquistata solo 1 kg

    ottimo prodotto, dai mille usi e comodo nel formato

    Ottima polenta, buonissima grazie mille ciao

    polenta favolosa. sia lessata che fritta.

    Ottima per tutti gli amici invitati che l'hanno provata a cena.

    era da tempo che non mangiavo la polenta così buona

    la polenta con il sapore di una volta

    Ottima farina ....buonissima polenta!


    prodotto di ottima qualità

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